Premier Van Centre: Isle of Wight

Servicing, MOT and Repairs for All Makes Of Vans And Light Commercial Vehicles.

Interim Service: £188.00 inc VAT. Full Service: £255.00 inc VAT

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The Premier Van Centre is the new name at a familiar location for all your van’s repair and servicing needs. From interim or annual services to parts and unscheduled repairs, our Van Centre can help keep your business on the road.

Situated at our Riverway dealership, the Premier Van Centre understands that your van is integral to your business and that its routine maintenance is essential. Our commercial vehicle workshop is specifically equipped with large ramps and equipment so that our highly trained technicians can service the longest and tallest of vans.

Why should I regularly service my van?

Ensuring your vehicle is regularly service will increase it’s operational lifespan as well preventing possible breakdowns which are not only a nuisance but could impact on your working day.

Keeping to interim and annual service intervals will also help to identify potential problems that could possibly result in your vehicle being off the road for a prolonged period of time.

Why should I book with the Premier Van Centre?

Our highly trained and experienced service techs and advisors are experts of commercial vehicle servicing so you can rely on our Van Centre to get your van repaired and serviced. We only ever use genuine manufacturer parts and all work is completed with a 12-month warranty.

Full benefits include:

  • Work completed by technical specifically qualified to work on commercial vehicles.
  • Each service carried out follows the schedule set by the manufacturer of your van
  • We use genuine or approved parts
  • A complimentary Vehicle Health Check
  • Parts and labour come with a warranty (period depends on the brand of van you own)
  • Each service is tailored to your van's make, age, and mileage
Premier Motors Van Centre Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight Commerical Vehicle Service

What's Included?

Interim Service (6 months or 6,000 miles): £188.00 inc VAT.

Full Service (12 months or 12,000 miles): £255.00 inc VAT

Premier Van Centre Servicing


ActionPoints CoveredInterim ServiceFull Service
CheckVehicle history and ask customer to comment on any defects detected/noted YesYes
Van Centre Service Isle of Wight

Engine & Fuel​

ActionPoints CoveredInterim ServiceFull Service
CheckCondition and tension of auxiliary drive belts (excluding timing/cam belt)NoYes
CheckFor general oil leaksYesYes
CheckSpark plugs are due to be changed based on mileage/manufacturer specification (additional charge for the supply of plugs & fitment)NoYes
CheckRadiator, coolant tap seals (if applicable) and coolant hoses for condition, leaks and securityNoYes
CheckOperation of electric cooling fan (where applicable)NoYes
CheckCondition undertrays and securityYesYes
CheckCondition of fuel cap seal and visual condition of fuel linesNoYes
CheckCheck fuel filter on mileage and manufacturer specification (subject to additional charge)YesYes
Check & Top UpCoolant/antifreeze strengthNoYes
Check & ReportTiming belt replacement based on mileage/ageYesYes
Check & AdjustCondition and tension of fan / alternator drive belt based on mileageNoYes
ChangeAir filter based on mileage and vehicle usageNoYes
ChangeEngine oil based on mileage and manufacturer specification (special or synthetic oils subject to additional charge)YesYes
ChangeChange Oil filter based on mileage and manufacturer specificationYesYes
Premier Van Centre Gearbox

Drive System

ActionPoints CoveredInterim ServiceFull Service
CheckOperation of clutchYesYes
CheckOperation of gear boxYesYes
Check & Top UpGear box fluid to manufacturer specification (where applicable and not sealed)NoYes
Check & Top UpClutch fluid (if applicable)YesYes
Check & ReportDrive shaft joints and gaiters for security and leaksYesYes
Check & Top UpAxle and/or transaxle oil to manufacturer specification (if applicable)NoYes


ActionPoints CoveredInterim ServiceFull Service
CheckOperation of all interior/exterior lightsYesYes
CheckOperation of diesel heater plug indicator (where fitted)NoYes
CheckSecurity and condition of battery, connections and charging system.YesYes
CheckDashboard warning lights.YesYes
CheckVisual condition of HT (High Tension) leadsNoYes
CheckBattery security and lubricate terminalsNoYes
Top UpBattery (non-sealed units only)NoYes
Van Centre Servicing Suspension

Steering & Suspension

ActionPoints CoveredInterim ServiceFull Service
CheckSteering and suspension components for wear and corrosionYesYes
CheckShock absorbers via bounce testYesYes
Check & LubricateSteering and suspension (where applicable)NoYes
Check & Top UpPower steering reservoir (if applicable)YesYes


ActionPoints CoveredInterim ServiceFull Service
CheckDPF and exhaust system for leaks, security and noise (inc catalyst if fitted)YesYes
CheckEmissions/exhaust smokeYesYes
Van Service Brakes


ActionPoints CoveredInterim ServiceFull Service
CheckBrake calipers for leaks and securityYesYes
CheckBrake hydraulic system, pipes and hoses for any leaks, chafing and corrosionYesYes
CheckCondition and operation of brake discs / drums as per the manufactureres specificationNoYes
CheckOperation of brake servoNoYes
Check & ReportCondition and operation of brake pads/shoes as per the manufacturer specificationNoYes
Check & ReportOperation of wheel cylinders and report any leaksYesYes
Check & LubricateHandbrake linkages and travel, lubricate and adjust (if required)YesYes
Check & Top UpBrake fluid level to manufacturer specification (if required)YesYes

Wheels & Tyres

ActionPoints CoveredInterim ServiceFull Service
CheckThat the tyres are of the correct structure and rating in accordance with the vehicle useYesYes
CheckWheels for correct balance (including spare if applicable)YesYes
CheckWheel bearings for excessive play or noiseYesYes
Check & RecordCondition of tyres and tread depths (including spareYesYes
Check & ChangeTyre pressures to correct pressure (including spare)YesYes
ChangeWheel nut torque to manufacturer settings (if required)YesYes


ActionPoints CoveredInterim ServiceFull Service
CheckCondition and operation of windscreen wiper and rear wiperYesYes
CheckWindscreen for chips & cracksNoYes
CheckCondition of rear view and external mirrorsNoYes
Check & Top UpWindscreen washer operations and align jetsYesYes


ActionPoints CoveredInterim ServiceFull Service
CheckCondition and operation of all seatbeltsNoYes
Check & LubricateOperation of door locks and lubricate hinges (if required)NoYes
Check & ReportIf a cabin air/pollen filter is required based on age/mileage recommendations and when last changed.YesYes


ActionPoints CoveredInterim ServiceFull Service
Check Underbody for corrosion No Yes
Check Condition of number plate No Yes
Check & Lubricate Bonnet safety catch and hinges No Yes
Reset Vehicle service light as per manufacturer specification (where applicable - subject to data and tooling availability). Yes Yes
Conduct Road test Yes Yes
Stamp Service book (if available) Yes Yes
Conduct Vehicle Health Check Report Yes Yes